About usWHO WE ARE

Jennifer Tingay

Founded of Southbourne Brewing Limited in 2013 and developed an amazing range of ales whilst working out of another brewery. Jennifer decided to develop the project and opted to use crowdfunding, as she has always been keen to brew locally, this seemed to continue the idea.



Cheryl has been a vital part of Southbourne Ales from its early days, helping Jen in her kitchen with labelling bottles, making sales calls and tea!  During the building phase Cheryl took on various roles from purchasing to hammer drilling.  Now Cheryl is growing her sales experience and can be found on the phone or out and about in trade.  Call Cheryl for all your sales queries.


When Hugo’s not flying the British flag Free-Skiing around the world he can be found keeping himself fit digging out mash tuns, carrying sack of malt or pulling the pumps.  Shift brewer and superhero Hugo (ask him the story) joined the team during the construction phase and has amongst his talents plumbing, painting, carpentry, painting and painting.



BHStars Rising Star 2019, Bill is a familiar face around town having been a Big Issue vendor for six years.  Bill’s enthusiasm, experience and good nature make him an excellent guide with 5star reviews and his experiences as an Army Medic, pub landlord and accountant mean Bill is able to talk on all levels.  Bill is committed to beer almost as much as repaying the Big Issue Foundation for the help they gave him, organising  several charity events at the brewery each year.


Sheldon, along with being one of the first taste testers (a perk with having the other half as the brewer) is a director of the company but has also been key with the design and implementation of the brewery.



Always a smile for everyone, Carol has been a barmaid in real ale pubs around town for many years as well as being a keen conservationist at Avon Heath Country Park. What Carol doesn’t know about bar service ain’t worth knowing.


Barman Sam, a traditionally friendly host, happy to chat to all and sundry about most things.  From history to music, to computer games and politics.  During the building phase Sam excelled at cutting recesses for hinges and locks.



If you love music you can’t help but love Abbie.  She is a walking encyclopedia of great tunes and if Abbie is in the beat the party is on.


There will be no more beer bellies with our in-house beer fanatic and Yoga teacher showing us how to work on our inner core.